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Passion For Quality

Gathered and grouped by state is a collection of our latest projects. 

Anchor 1
 Lubbock, Texas
Design Build, Eleven-Story, Cast In Place Parking Structure; Mixed Use, Dining, Retail & Parking With Amenities Deck
4300 Dunlavy Houston, Texas
Subterranean Parking Garage, Two Level; Podium Transfer Slab
Design Build
306 McGowen Houston, Texas
Partial Subterranean Parking Structure, Two Level Parking,  Podium Transfer Slab With Pool Deck
DR Horton Corporate Headquarters
Arlington, Tx
Five Story Design Build Cast In Place Parking Structure, And Four Story Cast In Place Office Building

5201 Amesbury Drive

Dallas, Tx 75206

Partial Subterranean Parking Structure, Two Level Parking; Podium Transfer Slab With Pool Deck


Ft. Worth, Texas

Cast-In-Place, Three Story Parking Structure.

Park West
College Station, Texas
Eight Story Parking Structure, Student Housing Wrap With Amenities Deck
Park West
Houston, Texas
Nine Story Precast Hybrid Parking 
Plano, Texas 
Design Build, Cast-In Place Parking Structure
SubTerranean Paring Structure, Slab On Grade

Sterling Alvarado

6625 Alvarado Road 

San Diego, Ca

Retail, Parking, Student Housing

Mixed Use. Five And-One-Half Cast In Place Parking Structure With Student Housing Wrap, and Retail. 

Sterling Collwood 

5051 Collwood Blvd. 

San Diego, Ca. 

Parking, Student Housing

Five And-One-Half Story Cast-In-Place Parking Structure With California Swirl Finish, Student Housing Wrap On Three Sides. 

Los Angeles, Ca. 

Mixed Use Retail And Parking. Three Story, Cast-In-Place Parking Structure With Architectural Decorative Concrete. 

13Th & Olive  Eugene, Oregon
Two, Eight-Story, Cast-In-Place Parking Structure, Slab On Grade, Apartment Wrap.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Pile Supported Structural Slabs with Elevated Transfer Slab, Dual Buildings, Auger Cast Pier Supported Concrete Site Paving.
New Orleans, Louisiana
Design Build, Site Preparation, Under Ground Utilities, Two Cast In Place, Pile Supported, Three Story Parking Structures, & Pile Supported Apartments Slabs On Grade

Orlando, Florida 

Mixed Use. Residential, Retail and Parking.

Foundations (2) for Pre-Cast Parking Garages, Slab-On-Grade. Podium Decks. 

Tampa,  Florida

Podium Transfer Slab, Pre-Cast Parking Garage Foundation, Slab-On-Grade, Elevated Slab On Grade. 

Ashburn, Va. 

Retail, Parking, & Residences

Podium Transfer Slabs, Subterranean Parking Structures. 


Stapleton, Colorado

Slab on grade

Walls & Garages 

On Budget & 45 Days Early Completion 

Product delivered to customer forty five days ahead of schedule safely to the customer. See what we can do for your investment opportunities in challenging environments safely. 

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